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Taking Asian manufacturing to the next stage

Meanwhile, the evaluation of manufacturing in the world is diversifying, and there are people who seek high quality and those who seek low prices.
With the spread of social networking services and the exchange of various types of information, the content sought is now diversifying.

Next-generation Japanese manufacturing, which is the ultra-high quality that Japan is good at, or high-quality + low-priced products targeting overseas markets, will be an essential issue for each manufacturer to expand sales channels in the future.

The development of manufacturing in Japan has realized that the high level of supporting industries can produce high-quality products even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The role of Ohta Vietnam is to support the next generation of manufacturing as a super supporting industry company from Vietnam.

宇佐美 浩二

Representative Director and President

宇佐美 浩二
(Usami Koji)

Our Philosophy

Ohta Vietnam
Promises with

Pursuing service based on the concept of when and what customer want.
Pursue cost reduction with emphasis on function.(Wenot makeing the shape, we maximize the fuction as disigner expectation, and maximize cost deduction)
Your products will be manufactured, managed and delivered in a clean and well-organized environment and by our healthy and energetic staffs


Become a company that builds new mechanisms

Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy
There no fixed concepts, always evolving (improving), always growing. We continue to respond flexibly to the ever-changing world and contribute to society through our manufacturing and distribution systems.


Management philosophy

We continue aim to be an organization
that customers “want to work with”.

By repeating steady low growth like tree rings, the company will last forever and make people involved in the company happy.
  • At Ohta, we aim to grow gently step by step.
    Don’t push yourself too hard move forward like a turtle and never give-up, do what you can.
    We believe that the value of an organization and be loved for a long time, be aimed only when everyone involved in organization becomes happy.

Customer satisfaction and company growth cannot be achieved without employee satisfaction.
  • We believe that humans were born to be chased by numbers.
    Therefore, instead of restricting employees with goals given from suppervisors, let employees decide by themselves,
    at Ohta Vietnam we respect self-motivated and spontaneous actions that are rewarding.


Employee Code of Conduct

Research by yourself and think by yourself
Concentrate with work
Work honestly


Quality/Environment Policy

As a company provides parts to a wide variety of industries, we have established quality management system and an environmental management system based on ISO standards, and we work to following and continuously improve standard.

  • We conduct safety patrols to gurantee all employees can work in a safe and healthy environment, and in order to aim zero accidents occur in the company, we strive to improve the environment, notify and train to all employees.
  • We define the responsibilities and roles of each department clearly, corprate with factories and partner companies to improve the quality of our products, reduce cost, and responsiveness to meet the requirements of our customers, to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.
  • We comply with relevant laws, regulations and other agreed requirements, actively engage in surveys of contained substances, preparation of quality assurance documents, surveys and research, We understand the importance of preventing environmental pollution and protecting the environment, we will educate and practice to all our employees.
  • We aim to improve environmental performance by promoting awareness and active use of 5S, work efficiency, and reducing environmental impact products, and by reducing defective products.
  • Maximize use of all tools and resources and develop employees who think and act for improvement on their own.

Staffs/Facilities Introductions

Staffs/Facilities Introductions
Ohta Vietnam’s peoples and facilities introduction

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Business Introduction

Business Introduction
Ohta Vietnam’s Business Introduction

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