Main Supply Fields


We have summarized the industries/fields to which
we primarily supply products and common types of requests.
If you have similar challenges or any other issues, please feel free to contact us.
Our experienced staff will respond promptly.

Information about Your Industry/Sectors of Your Customers

Information about
Your Industry/Sectors
of Your Customers

  • Specialized equipment and facility manufacturers
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Public facility manufacturers
  • Electronics manufacturers
  • Furniture manufacturers

Details about Your Requests to Us

Details about
Your Requests to Us

  • Ordering high-quality parts such as screws
  • Custom part manufacturing (consultation from small batches to mass production)
  • Inquiry about pro – tools
  • Manufacturing of production jigs and maintenance equipment parts
  • Consultation for cost-effective parts like screws
  • Consultation for outsourcing manufacturing and assembly
  • Urgent requests requiring express handling
  • Consulting services for various issues
  • Inspection requests using measuring equipment
  • Ordering products that are difficult to source or request in Vietnam

About Transactions

About Transactions
We have compiled information about
transactions with our company.

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Quality Management and Structure

Quality Management and Structure
Introduction about Ohta Vietnam’s Emphasis
on Quality Management and Structure

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