Introducing factory safety shoes from manufacturer ASICS

Introducing factory safety shoes from manufacturer ASICS

ASICS has been providing a line of sports shoes in Vietnam, and now the line of labor safety shoes specialized for working in factories – Series ‘WIN JOB’ has officially begun to open for sale in the Vietnamese market.
In Vietnam, protective shoes are widely sold at low prices, but they are also easily damaged. These shoes often only “protect the feet”, but do not reduce fatigue, cramped feet, and the durability of the product is not high.
On the other hand, ASICS safety shoes, although priced higher than Vietnamese domestic products, provide good support for workers working in harsh conditions thanks to safety features, comfort, foot health, and help support the body.
This is a product that Ohta Vietnam is extremely confident in introducing to customers.


ASICS’s predecessor was the Onitsuka Tiger company, founded in 1949 in Kobe. In its early years of business, Onitsuka Tiger focused on designing and manufacturing basketball shoes and soccer shoes for the Japanese market.

ASICS is the acronym for “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano” – meaning “A sound mind in a sound body.” From the company’s name it can also be seen that ASICS especially focusing on health.
Below are the official sites of the manufacturer.

ASICS Working Official Website:

ASICS Working Instagram:

Product e-Catalog

We can accommodate orders starting from a single pair.
ASICS generally determines the models for each season will have a unique design that is produced in large quantities at once. Products that are on the Catalog but are showing “Out of stock” usually have no plans to re-produce.
Please contact us to check stock status.

◆ASICS Spring/Summer 2023 Product Catalog (Japanese ver.)
Here is catalog >>

◆ASICS Fall/Winter 2023 Product Catalog (Japanese ver.)
Here is catalog >>

While a catalog is available, models that are out of stock are not easily rescheduled for reproduction.
For existing inventory items, please check the stock status via the link below on the OrangeBook.Com site operated by Trusco Nakayama.
*Check stock status here


For inquiries regarding samples or materials, please respond to this email or contact our sales representative!


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