A lightweight and durable Pro Tools trolley – Introducing “Cartio”

A lightweight and durable Pro Tools trolley – Introducing “Cartio”

This time we will introduce “Cartio”, which makes transportation work easier.

What is the Cartio

Cartio is a lightweight and durable Pro Tools trolley.
There is little echo sound from the floor, the running noise is quiet, and it is expected to improve the stability of transportation.

• Can be stored vertically
• Can be stacked when the handle is folded

→Trolley that can run quietly with light force
→Trolley that can run stably even on rough roads

If you are looking for a trolley like this, we highly recommend this product.

What’s so great about Cartio?

This Cartio is a Trusco Nakayama brand TRUSCO product and is the most sold trolley (lightweight resin transport vehicle) in Japan.

The model we are introducing this time is the latest version of an ultra-lightweight model
that has been renewed based on the concept of “the lighter the trolley, the better!”
Although it is a model with a load capacity of 200kg, it weighs only 6.8kg, making the Cartio the lightest in its class.

You can choose from a variety of sizes and colors, and optional accessories can be added to suit your usage.
For salespeople who often make deliveries while on the go, logistics companies,
and workplaces where there are many women, there is nothing better than something light and durable!


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