Introducing a Parts Cleaner from a Japanese Manufacturer

Introducing a Parts Cleaner from a Japanese Manufacturer

We would like to introduce the N840 parts cleaner from Yokohama Oil & Fat Co., Ltd. (LINDA), they are recommend for cleaning parts, tools, equipment, molds, and jigs.

By importing this product in large quantities from Japan, we can always meet customer demands and offer it at a lower cost compared to many other parts cleaner brands due to reduced transportation costs!

It has good quick-drying properties, allowing you to further polish and remove stubborn dirt when using it.

Details of the N840 Parts Cleaner


Non-fluorocarbon and non-ethane type
Exempt from organic solvent regulations, quick-drying type

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Usage Case

This product is an excellent all-purpose tool for any situation that requires cleaning.
・Cleaning tools and machinery during maintenance
・Cleaning parts during assembly
・Cleaning jigs and molds

They adapt the needs of those who want to easily clean site equipment, tools, molds, jigs, and parts during final assembly, without requiring the installation of extensive cleaning equipment for the manufacturing sites.
*Note: This cleaner is specifically designed for removing oil stains. Please be cautious that it is not suitable for cleaning painted or plastic surfaces.

We offer sales starting from a single can
Purchasing a case of 30 cans provides even better value per can.
We also provide samples for testing the cleaning power!

Manufacturer usage example video:

*Note: Since this cleaner is specialized for cleaning, applying a rust preventive oil is necessary after cleaning.


For inquiries regarding samples or materials, please respond to this email or contact our sales representative!


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