Introducing The Motion-tite, a bolt with anti-loosening function.

Introducing The Motion-tite, a bolt with anti-loosening function.

This time, we would like to introduce an innovative high-performance screw
that can be used as an alternative to locking agents and locking nuts, and can reduce costs.

What is The Motion-tite

1. Overview

This bolt has a special thread shape that increases the reaction force of the thread and has a strong locking effect.


The thread of a typical screw is a thread with a 60 degree angle according to JIS or DIN standards.
However, in the case of Motion-tite, the screw thread has a unique shape rather than a neat isosceles triangle,
so it is a screw thread that has been installed in a female thread in the entire screw fastening part to prevent loosening. say.

2. Advantages of Motion-tite

An eternal problem with fastening parts such as screws, bolts, and nuts is the occurrence of loosening.
In the first place, bolts and nuts fit together in a spiral shape,
so they can loosen due to factors such as vibration and deterioration over time.

There are locking nuts, washers, locking springs, etc. to solve this loosening problem,
but there are actually bolts that have a locking function.

This is a high-performance screw called Motion-tite.

<Typical advantages>
1. High ability to prevent loosening with a single bolt
2. Fatigue strength 1.2 to 1.4 times
3.Excellent workability
4. Stable axial force even without lubrication
5. Low cost and high quality

3. The Motion-tite shape characteristics

While standard bolts are symmetrical, Motion-tite is asymmetrical,
and this structure prevents loosening just by tightening normally.

The Motion-tite has patents in 11 countries around the world.
Another major feature of Motion-tite is that it is “hard to break.”
As mentioned earlier, Motion-tite creates a contact surface with the entire screw,
which reduces the chance of thread breakage by suppressing variations in the coefficient of friction.


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