Introducing “Neji-Kamisama” for removing stuck and seized screws

Introducing “Neji-Kamisama” for removing stuck and seized screws

We are excited to introduce “Neji-Kamisama,” a specialized spray that can remarkably remove stuck and seized stainless steel screws.

“Kamisama” in Japanese means “God”. And when we use it, they will find this product worthy of the name Neji-Gamisama – God of Screws with the immediate effectiveness it brings.
The advantage of stainless steel bolts and nuts is that they are naturally rust-resistant. However, the only challenge with these stainless steel fasteners is the “seizing during fastening”.

Normally, screws made in Japan will be coated with heat-resistant coating. However, during pre-assembly processes such as welding or cleaning, this agent can be removed, resulting in the nuts seizing—a common issue many people have struggled with.

Therefore, by using “Neji-Kamisama,” you can reliably remove bolts and nuts that couldn’t be removed by any other means with just one spray. It has been a popular product stocked at OTA Vietnam for over five years!

Details of Neji-Kamisama


Just one spray on the seized fitting part. You can remove seized stainless steel screws.
Try it if you have problems with stuck or seized screws.

Detailed Catalog (Japanese Version)
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Product Performance Demonstration Video (Japanese Version)
Demonstration video here >>
*Source: Product video of “Neji-Kamisama” by R-GOT Co.


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