Introducing industrial wipes recommended for improving quality.

Introducing industrial wipes recommended for improving quality.

We would like to introduce our line of industrial wipes recommended for quality improvement.

Vietnam has a thriving sewing industry, and it is easy to purchase fabric scraps, so scraps of fabric are often used to remove dirt during the processing process.

However, with fabric scraps, in some cases, the level of dirt may not be apparent based on the color, leading to continued use of unhygienic tools and potential deterioration in quality and durability of the equipment.
Additionally, there are cases where fabric pieces may be mixed into the device. Therefore, we would like to introduce industrial wipes to solve these problems.

Introducing industrial wipes

1. Overview

In this article, we will introduce some industrial wipes from Daio Paper,, which handles brands such as Elleair.
They include:

1. Wipes for research and inspection.
2. Paper wipers.
3. Non-woven cloths.

And there are many other products that have been widely recognized and used from food factories, production lines, laboratories to hospitals and medical care facilities.

2. Advantages of ProWipe

ProWipe offers excellent water and oil absorption capabilities, and it generates minimal paper dust. This means you can experience its advantages in just one use

・Prevention of quality degradation through detailed cleaning
・Improvement of tool durability
・Prevent small pieces of fabric or fabric dust from entering the device.

This product can assist in maintaining the quality and enhancing tool durability. Try this product once to experience the advantages it brings.

3. Product’s Catalog

▼Laboratory × ProWipe
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▼Assortment of Rectangular Paper Towels (Cost Reduction with Rectangular Size!!)
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▼Strong Towel E50
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▼Double Micro Wiper M200
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*Quoted from the Web Catalog of EBS Corporation (Manufacturer)


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