Introduction functional tapping screws to improve 27% in productivity

Introduction functional tapping screws to improve 27% in productivity

Introducing the functional tapping screw – Thinca specialized for thin sheet materials with high torque.
This is a cost-effective product that helping to reduce production costs, so please take a look here.

What is Thinca?

1. Overview

This is a type of self tapping screw specialized for thin material plates, about 0.3mm thick, applicable to metal material plates as well.
Thinca screws can be tightened with approximately 2 times more torque than traditional products. The product features anti-slip rotation and anti-looseness of screws even when tightening on thin material plates. This helps minimize wasted material consumption or additional burring processes, thereby reducing production costs.


Ordinary screws and bolts below the screw head often have a “non-threaded part” (the part without a threaded tip). The purpose of this part is because it is related to the mold when processing and manufacturing. But there is also an important physical point: there is no thread all the way to the screw root, which means that the bottom part of the screw head will be stuck to the object material.

2. What makes Thinca special?

This is a functional tapping screw with a very special and beautiful slanted thread.

→ Thread structure is difficult to cause slipping
Thinca screws have a thread shape that is a 2-peak thread (2 consecutive thread peaks) at the top and a 4-peak thread (4 consecutive thread peaks) extending to the end of the screw neck. The 2-point thread at the top of the screw is shot into the bottom hole of the thin material plate to stabilize the screw, while the 4-point thread part will tighten the thread at 4 points into the thin material plate right up to the screw neck. When using extremely high tightening force, it will help tightly connect the screw and material plate.

→ Thread pitch and Thread angle help improve operability
With the effect of a large lead angle, screws can be tightened in about half the time compared to traditional products. This contributes to making work easier and improving productivity.

→ Reduce many costs
Because there is no smooth rotation, waste material removal is minimized. In addition, because there is no need for additional burring processing, it helps reduce processing costs and material storage costs. Screw tightening time is reduced, helping to increase productivity.

3. Application of Thinca screws

・Tapping fastening (self-drilling) on thin steel plates with a thickness of about 0.3t to 0.8t
・Use when you want to skip the burring process
・Prevents screw slippage when tightening into thin material plates

With the above application examples and more, the Thinca Screw demonstrates its functionality when tightening into thin steel plates and has a threaded structure that prevents screw slippage when tightening into sheets of material with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.8t. In the sheet metal processing process, it not only helps reduce the burring process but also minimizes material waste, helping to reduce production costs!

▼Video about how to tighten Thinca screws for thin sheet metal
Video is here >>

▼Use Thinca screws for thin sheet metal to improve 27% in productivity
Video is here >>

*Quoted from: Yamashina Co., Ltd. (Manufacturer)’s Youtube channel.

About Thinca Specifications

1. Thinca Screw Structure

The most prominent feature in the structure of the Thinca screw is that the top of the screw has 2 threaded tips and  then 4 consecutive threaded tips extending to the end of the screw neck.
With a 4-point thread, there will be 4 points tightened into the target product when the screw is fully tightened, this makes it possible to tighten the screw at high torque. In addition, the double-peaked thread also makes screw tightening time quick, which makes Thinca especially effective when used in connecting thin metal sheets.


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*Quoted from: Yamashina Co., Ltd. (Manufacturer) Website

2. Material and Size Range

Thinca is a standardized product, only a few specific sizes are considered standard. Please consider the following material and size options when designing, as they represent the standard sizes.。

Material: Iron
Surface Treatment: Trivalent Chromate
Head Shape: (+) Truss Head
Sizes: Nominal 4x8L, Nominal 4x10L (2 sizes)

Material: Stainless Steel
Head Shape: (+) Truss Head
Size: Nominal 4x8L (1 size only)

▼Thinca SD (Truss ← Two-thread at the tip, Two-thread at the base)
Material: Iron
Surface Treatment: Trivalent Chromate
Head Shape: (+) Truss Head
Size: Nominal 4x10L (1 size only)


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