The new Electric Den Dora Ball Plus with improved convenience

The new Electric Den Dora Ball Plus with improved convenience

In this section, we introduce the new “Electric Den Dora Ball Plus” which has been improved for greater convenience.
Released in 2018, it’s been a huge hit with over 1 million units sold in four years. However, with this update, rotation speed and torque can now be managed in three different patterns, further enhancing convenience.

What is Electric Den Dora Ball?

The electric screwdriver is a handy-sized electric screwdriver sold by Vessel.
This screwdriver achieves both efficiency and precision by using both electric and manual modes.

There are many related parts, and it is possible to improve convenience according to the usage environment and application.

Equipped with a motor, you can work easily, and there is a safety device in case of over torque.
This is an excellent product that automatically stops rotation.

Improvements in Den Dora Ball “Plus”

Den Dora Ball Plus is the latest version of the hit product Den Dora Ball, which sold 1 million units in the four years since its release in 2018.
It is now possible to manage rotation speed and torque in 3 patterns. This is the latest version that has been improved by the manufacturer!

Below are the improvements of the Plus series

Improvement 1: USB Type-C
Type-C allows for immediate connection without having to choose the insertion direction.

Improvement 2: Addition of a connection port for fall prevention cord 

A fall prevention measure for those working at heights (sold separately).

Improvement 3:Increased gear strength
In previous models, there were instances of gear damage due to excessive force when tightening hard screws, so improvements have been made.

Especially since USB charging is possible, it can be used with smartphone chargers, … to prevent cases such as being unable to use it due to battery depletion during sudden tasks.

About optional accessories

▼Replacement BIT for Electric Drive Ball

Sizes are available in the following 5 sizes.

(+) 1 100mm
(+) 2 100mm
(+) 2 150mm
(+) 3 100mm
(-) 6 100mm

▼Dedicated pouch/holder

・Tool pouch and screwdriver case

・Tool pouch and screwdriver holder (2 screwdrivers, 2 pliers inserted)

・Tool pouch and driver pouch (1 driver, pen holder, with license card holder)

▼Dedicated fall prevention cord

The color options are the following four colors.


Olive drab




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